And The Wiremen is a Brooklyn-based ensemble led by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Lynn Wright. A longtime sideman and composer, equally at home on the sonic fringes of sound construction and the darker side of traditional song, Wright is surrounded by a revolving cast of players who extensive contributions to music span genres and generations. The experience, ingenuity, and craft this collection of musicians brings to the table is further enhanced by their collective willingness to defy genre. Their work encompasses a multi-disciplined range of film, dance, theater, and sound installations. They are improvisatory, whimsical, and pleasurably good at leaving a listener playing a song-to-song guessing game. At times underpinned by African and Latin rhythms, the songs comfortably move into jazz, avant-pop, or blues--sometimes within the same number--despite a deceptive minimalist approach to song structures. Lyrically, Wright is cogent, funny, and literate; a real virtuoso. He has a knack for catchy one-liners (hardly throwaways) and passages that sound indebted to some wily trident of Faulkner, surrealism and film noir--aspects which combine to push both the music and Wright's smooth delivery into the lofty realms of fable.

Past and current collaborators include:
Paul Watson (Sparklehorse) - Trumpet, Tony Maimone (Pere Ubu) / Eric Eble - (Heroine Sheiks, Francis and Pailey) Bass, Simon Goff (Bee and Flower, Aidan Baker) - Violin/Viola, Jon Petrow (Cloudroom, Bee and Flower) - violin/guitar, Ethan Donaldson / Andrea Belfi (Miasmah, David Grubbs) / Jason Pharr / Pippin Barnett (Fred Frith, Orthotonics)  and Thomas Fietz (Mas shake, Julia Marcell) on drums and percussion. 



Rest of the world:


Germany, Austria, Switzerland: 
Solaris Empire, Kirsten Hahn